Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sol Seppy - Human (Gronland, 2006)

Sol Seppy, Human, Pssscheeow, The Bells Of 1 2, mp3, Indie, Gronland, 2006
Skeletal, whispered, building, beauty.

About Sol Seppy I know nothing. Is it a band? Is it a she? What does Sol Seppy mean? Is it a type of industrial drain cleaner? Is it a name? Where are they/is she now?

What I do know is that 'Human' was a track on both a mini-album (Pssscheeow) and a full album (The Bells Of 1 2) in 2006. It's a spartan, fragile, piano-led piece of frosty beauty that echoes Susanna and the Magic Orchestra's sang froid balladry.

There's just a hint of yearning bubbling under the calm surface as it builds from piano and voice to a gentle crescendo of  atmospherics and refracted piano and vocals.

Download Sol Seppy - Human (Gronland, 2006)

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